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Helpful tips for buying glasses

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There are lots of things to say about buying glasses, and the goal of this post is to point out briefly a few that you may have overlooked.

Do You Have A Recent Eye Exam?

Whenever you are buying new glasses it is recommended to have an up to date prescription. If you have one from the last six months that will work, otherwise schedule an eye exam before shopping. A comprehensive eye exam will provide all the information to get you fit with a great pair of glasses.

How Can You Find Glasses That Match Your Style?

We always recommend working with an experienced optician, there just is no replacement for years of experience. An experienced optician can help you navigate the latest styles to find the best pair for your face, style, and budget. For a few insider tips visit our eyeglass guide.

What Does My Face Shape Have To Do With Glasses?

There are some general rules about what glasses will work with the shape of your face. Face shapes can be split into oval, heart, round diamond, and square. Each shape is better suited for different styles of glasses. In addition to fashion, the size and shape of your face will impact the measurements of your new frames width of the lens, temple, and length of the arm piece.

What Lenses and Lens Coating Should I get?

One of the often overlooked aspects of buying glasses is choosing the right lenses and lens coating. The choice will depend greatly on your lifestyle.

  • Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Consider Transition or lenses with UV protection.
  • Do you spend over two hours a day on your phone or computer? Blue light protection and a pair of computer glasses will prevent strain, eye fatigue, and even eye disease.
  • Do you play sports? PC lenses or contacts will protect your eyes from injury.
  • Are you a busy parent? Don’t forget scratch resistant coating
  • Night driver? Antireflection will minimize issues of bright lights at night.

Does It Feel Right?

One thing you can never stress enough is that glasses are a big representation of who you are to the world, and because of that its important that your glasses represent you. There is no better advice than to stop by and try on a few pairs and see if we have that awesome pair for you!