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Unsurpassed service and care!

After being under the care of Dr. Nathalie Cassis for the past year, I can comfortably say that she and her staff have provided me unsurpassed service and care.I have a congenital corneal defect, keratoconus (KC), where the cornea is irregular and cone shaped, causing a blurred, distorted vision. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP or GP) contact lenses are primary option for correcting KC vision and I’ve worn RGP lens for forty years.My experience with Dr. Cassis has been wonderful. She has been my wife and stepchildren’s eye doctor for ten years. I always thought that given my KC I would have to be under the care of an ophthalmologist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Cassis immediately introduced me to Scleral lenses and I began to enjoy the best vision I have ever experienced. My only regret is that I hadn’t come to Dr. Cassis years sooner.Beyond her first-rate technical expertise, Dr. Cassis and her staff make me feel like I’m under the care of a team with a unity of mission focus on my eye health and they have earned the highest rating possible.

- John V.